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Olé FC Competitive

The Olé Competitive Program is designed for players who participated in the Advanced Rec Program (level II) for at least one year (both Fall and Spring seasons- * special occasion: one season with Soccer Ole’ staff approval) or has attended another competitive program and were successful in developing the basic soccer skills such as dribbling, shooting, finishing, heading, passing and control in a more advanced level of competition.

The Olé Competitive Program is defined as highly competitive with a focus to develop players and teams to the highest level possible.


  •  Placement session in the Fall (date below) or referral/ invitation from  Soccer Ole’.
  •  Based on players’ technical, tactical, athletic development as well as overall basic understanding of the game.
  • Boys and girls are grouped separately.


For return from quarantine, Shelby county only accepts the PCR test not home testing, therefore Ole’ FC will follow the same protocol. 

US Soccer Age Group & Match Standards

US Soccer Birth Year & Standards Chart SSG

2021-22 Age Group Based on Birth Year

(Boys & Girls)
U8- 2014 U14- 2008
U9- 2013 U15-2007
U10- 2012 U16- 2006
U11- 2011 U17- 2005
U12- 2010 U18- 2004
U13- 2009 U19- 2003


Both players and families must  be aware of a more serious commitment required for the competitive program compared to the Advanced Rec Program (Level II).

  • Fall and Spring seasons- Aug 1st- May 31st

  • Minimum of 2 training sessions per week depending on the age group. Older age groups (U12 and older) may practice 3 times per week depending on the time of the year and game schedule.

  • 1 weeknight MSSF league game

  • Min of 1, max of 2 local weekend tournament per season depending on the age group and competitive level.

  • 2 Saturdays with 3V3/5v5 tournaments during the Fall and Spring seasons.

  • Soccer Ole’ Winter Futsal League 4-5 games only

The Olé Competitive Program focus on the technical, tactical,  physical and mental development of our players while facing more competitive opponents in a higher level of competition during league and tournament games. This program provides an opportunity for players to compete and be competitive with the focus of player/team development.


  • Fall: August- 1st week of December.
  • Spring:  Feb- Mid May.
  • Winter Futsal League ( 5-6 Saturdays- 3 in Dec and 3 in Jan)
  • Girls HS age group: Mid Oct-Dec and Jan-May
  • Boys HS age group: Aug-Jan

The Olé  Competitive Program is designed for players who participated in the Advanced Rec Program (level II) for at least one year (both Fall and Spring seasons- * special occasion: one season with  Ole’ staff approval) or has attended another competitive program and were successful in developing the basic soccer skills such as dribbling, shooting, finishing, heading, passing and control in a more advanced level of competition.

Players must be in the U8 – U17 age group and will be selected by our coaching staff during our placement session in May/June.  Selection is based on players’ technical, tactical, athletic development as well as overall basic understanding of the game. Coaches will also take in consideration  players’ discipline, effort and commitment level.  Boys and girls are grouped separately.

Players must attend the Fall Placement Session in order to be selected for the Olé FC competitive Program.

2014 Age Group- Transitional Team

This is considered part of our Olé Competitive Program and mainly used for U8 and U9 age groups.

Purpose to have a "Transitional Team":

  • Easy players transition from Adv Rec to Select
  • Proper level of competition for optimum development

These are more specifics regarding the "Transitional Team":

  •  Adv Rec League fee is included in your fee.
  •  Friday skills and goalie training.
  •  2 training sessions and a game per week.
  • Team will play in the Adv Rec League in the Fall, possibly MSSF in the  Spring after coach’s assessment.
  • Priority on gyms usage over Adv rec teams in case of bad weather.
  • 1 or 2 local tournaments per season ( additional cost).
  • Friendly games vs other local clubs on weeknights instead of a training session.

Why Placement Session & not Tryout?

  • Players must attend the Placement Session in order to be selected for Olé Competitive Program.
  • There will be a PLACEMENT SESSION in the Fall and a tentative one in the Spring (if space available) for new players to be evaluated.
  • Players already in the program (usually level II) may be invited to play Olé Competitive Program in the Spring.
  •  Session designed to place your child in the most appropriate Soccer Ole’ program based on his/her skill level & game experience.
  • If your child is not selected for Olé Competitive Program, he/she will be referred to Adv Rec Level II
  • No matter what, we have a place for your child to develop and learn how to play the game!

Parents are asked to register for the Olé Competitive Program once teams are formed from the placement session. Player invitation is sent via email.

21-22 Ole' FC Season Registration

Once players attend out placement session for an evaluation, parents will receive an email with details about the season and registration link. 


Soccer Olé certified coaches will organize and coach all training sessions, games and tournaments.

Coaching Staff Info

Click here to read about our coaches and their qualifications.

2021-22 COST

Program/club  fee includes Fall, Spring , Winter Futsal and Feb indoor training.

  • U8 - U10 (2014 - 2012)= $800
  • U11 - U14 (2011 -2008) $950
  • HS age group (2007 & older)= $800
  • If 2007 but not in HS, please register as U14 to play Fall and Spring
  • League Fee: $140 Fall (payable to team manager in July), $130 Spring (payable to team manager in Feb.)


  • 1st payment due at registration. 
  • Option to pay in full or use 4 payment installments  (June-Sept) once selected at the registration process.

Uniform Fee

  • Cost: $200
  • Uniform includes:   Gold and navy blue Nike jerseys, gold and navy blue Nike shorts, gold and navy blue Nike socks and 2 training  dri fit shirts.


  • Youth and adult sizes available.
  • Older girls will wear men's jersey, women's shorts.
  • Uniform samples available at the placement session.

Teams may order additional training shirts, warm ups and backpacks at an additional cost.

Parents may order fan gear!



  • 3v3/5v5 tournaments: ~$40 per tournament/player 
  • MSSF Ref fee: ~$35 per season
  • 2 local weekend tournaments: ~ $600-$800 per tournament/ team.
  • Tournament fees are divided among all players on the team.
  • Additional training gear, warm up and backpack.

These fees above are not included in the program/uniform fees. You will be notified about these additional fees via team invoice from your team manager once teams are formed.

Training Sessions

  • Practice schedule will be announced once MSSF league game schedule is released and teams are formed.
  • There may be some changes due to coaching conflicts and weather condition.
  • Changes will be communicated via email, WhatsApp text msg, twitter/facebook/website updates.
  • Typically one session during the week in the evening (Mon, Tue, Wed or Thur) and another one on the weekend (Saturday am or pm, or Sunday afternoon).


  • Lausanne Collegiate School (map
  • May Fields (map)
  • St. Michael's Church (map)
  • Trinity Baptist Church (map)


The Olé Competitive players will play in the MSSF league (Memphis Shelby Soccer Federation) at Mike Rose Soccer Complex (map & directions)

There will be a total of 8-10 games per season during the week. Games start either at 6 pm or 7:15 pm.

  • U8, U9 and U10- 7v7
  • U11 & 12= 9v9
  • U13 and older= 11v11

MSSF League vs Tournament Playing Time

  • In order to promote development,  in the MSSF League, players should receive a minimum of 50% playing time per season.
  • In order to promote a competitive environment based on performance level,  during tournaments, players should receive a minimum of 25% playing time per tournament.

Olé Refund Policy

1-Registration/program fees are non- refundable.

2- Partial fee payment may be refundable, with the following exceptions:

a) Player is diagnosed with a medical disability and is unable to play.

b) Player suffers an injury which prevents he/she from playing.

Note: The above exceptions must be certified by a doctor.

*Soccer Ole’ may pro-rate the refund based on the timing of the request and any fixed costs.

Once uniforms are issued to players, uniforms fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.

Olé Release Policy

Soccer Ole’ players are registered under TN Soccer and not allowed to practice or play games with any other soccer organization/club.

Players must receive a formal release from Soccer Ole’ in order to be legally able to participate in another event sponsored by another organization/club.

Olé Guest Play Policy

  • Players may be authorized to guest play in other events sponsored by other organizations only with prior approval from Soccer Ole’ Executive Director. Typically, players are not allowed to guest play with any other organization/club while registered under Soccer Ole’.
  • Soccer Ole’ players may guest play within our soccer program/club with approval of our Soccer Ole’ coaching staff. See details below.
  • If players want more games or practices, please communicate with your coach and we will do our best to have your child attending additional sessions or games with other age groups.

Guest Players within Soccer Ole'

  • Guest Players: guaranteed a minimum of 25% of total playing time for a particular game.
  • Guest players may play in a position needed, not the one desired.
  • Guest players should not receive more playing time than current team players. Exceptions may apply due to injury and/or short roster of players.
  • Preference is to have current team players playing most minutes and just using guest players as needed (respecting a minimum of 25% playing time).
  • It is extremely important to have an open communication among coaches, players and parents regarding reasons to use a guest player, playing time and positions needed.

***Tournament Guest Player within Soccer Ole' may be used to provide a more competitive environment to increase the team’s chance to win the event.

For more info: Soccer Olé

For more info: Soccer Olé

Phone: 901- 505 1477