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About Us

Soccer Ole’ is a soccer organization/instructional progam based in Memphis, TN that provides the opportunity for recreational,  semi competitive  and competitive soccer players to learn and develop their soccer skills in a very organized and safe environment under a highly qualified and experienced coaching staff.

Our coaching style is highly influenced by the Brazilian soccer style—a style that allows teams and their players to be more “freeflow” rather than limited to a specific formation, tactic or strategy.

Soccer Ole’ focuses on individuals and develops them to be creative, “attack oriented” players, who play with heart, imagination and make magic with the ball. This coaching style helps players not just with their ball handling skills, but also their field vision and their ability to outsmart their opponents by anticipating their movements.

Gradually, as individuals play with other like-players on a team, those players will form cohesive unpredictable, almost unstoppable teams that seem to communicate silently and constantly confuse their opponents.

Soccer Ole’ also focuses on strengthening players’ values by setting a positive environment and most importantly, promoting soccer as a fun experience.