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Placement Session

The purpose of  the Placement Session for the ADV REC level II and Select level III programs is to:

  1. Evaluate existing Soccer Ole’ players and to provide Soccer Ole’ coaches an opportunity to:
    1. Assess all players in their true-age groups
    2. Form new teams
    3. Supplement existing teams
    4. Assess players for future guest playing opportunities
  2. Provide new players the opportunity to be assessed and evaluated as to where they would best fit into the Soccer Ole’ Program.

Why Placement Session & not Tryout?

  • Players’ attendance is mandatory at the Placement Session in order to be selected for an Advanced Rec level II or Select Level III.
  • There will be a PLACEMENT SESSION in the Fall and Spring for new players to be evaluated for Advanced Rec level II.
  • There will be a PLACEMENT SESSION in the Fall only fo new players to be evaluated for the Select level III. Occasionally, spots are available for the Spring and Soccer Ole’ uses Advanced Rec players to move up to the Select level.
  •  Session designed to place your child in the most appropriate Soccer Ole’ program based on his/her skill level & game experience.
  • If your child is not selected for Adv Rec, he/she will be referred to Instructional Rec Level I
  • No matter what, we have a place for your child to develop and learn how to play the game!
  • Players/parents need to consider each team’s goals and make-up, and agree to the factors/criteria before indicating their interest and/or accepting an invitation. A decision to accept/decline must be communicated to the Head Coach within 24 hours, if the Head Coach has not heard after that time the offer will be rescinded.
  • Team chemistry is taken into consideration in formation of teams at the conclusion of the placement session.  Players that are not “team players” or cannot fully commit to attending required team functions (games, practices, occasionally travel, and team gatherings) may not receive an invitation to become part of Soccer Ole’.
  • Players whose parents have continually exhibited behavior contrary to Soccer Ole’ Code of Conduct will not receive an invitation to become part of our program.

Adv Rec Level II

2019 Fall:  Saturday, June 8th  at Lausanne Collegiate School.

2nd Session:  Tentative August 3rd.

  • Boys and Girls born in 14,13,12, 11, 10 = 8:30-9:30 am
  • Boys and Girls born in 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04 & 03= 9:30-10:30 am

2019 Spring:   Saturday  February 9th,  2-4 pm at Lausanne.

  • Boys and Girls born in 2013, 12, 11,10 = 2-3 pm
  • Boys and Girls born in 2009, 08, 07, 06, 05= 3-4 pm


Select Level III

Location and Time:  6-7:30 pm at Lausanne Collegiate School.

U8-U12 (2012-2008)

·         Boys: May 20 & 22

·         Girls: May 21 & 23

U13 & older (2007 & older)

·         Boys: June 3 & 5

·         Girls: June 4 & 6

For more info: Soccer Olé

For more info: Soccer Olé

Phone: 901-474 1035 or 901- 505 1477