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Advanced Rec Level II (Ages 5-19)

The Soccer Olé Advanced Recreational program (level II) is designed for players who completed the Instructional Rec program (level I) (at least one season) or another Rec program and were successful in developing the basic soccer skills such as dribbling, shooting, finishing, heading, passing and control.


  • Placement session in the Fall and Spring.
  • Based on players’ skill development, athleticism, discipline, effort and commitment level.
  • Boys and girls are grouped separately.


US Soccer Birth Year & Standards Chart SSG

2022-23 Age Group According to Birth Year

(Boys & Girls)
U3- 2020 U10 -2013
U4- 2019 U11- 2012
U5- 2018 U12- 2011
U6 -2017 U13- 2010
U7-2016 U14- 2009
U8 -2015 U15-2008
U9 -2014 U19- 2007-2004


  • Advanced Rec Level II offers a Fall (mid Aug- early Nov) and  a Spring (mid Feb- mid May) season.
  • Teams are selected in the Fall and players are welcome to join our program in the Spring, if there are openings available.
  •  We encourage players to participate in our program during the Fall and Spring seasons for optimal development.


Both players and families must  be aware of a more serious commitment associated with practice sessions and games. 

  • The Advanced Rec program (level II) may be considered a semi-competitive program.
  •  The first step into competitive soccer without the focus on traveling, winning games or keeping season record or even scores.
  •  The program still offers an opportunity to compete and be competitive with the focus of player/team development.


  • $275.00 (includes program & league fees) per season


  • $75 for new player: Mandatory for the 1st season.
  • Includes a gold & light blue dri-fit shirt, navy blue shorts  & gold socks.
  • Gold and light blue shirts will be used as training shirts and game jerseys.


Soccer Olé certified coaches will organize and coach all training sessions and games.

Coaching Staff Info

Click here to read about our coaches and their qualifications.

Why Placement Session & not Tryout?

  • Players must attend the Placement Session in order to be selected for an Advanced Rec team.
  • There will be a PLACEMENT SESSION in the Fall and Spring for new players to be evaluated.
  •  Session designed to place your child in the most appropriate Soccer Ole’ program based on his/her skill level & game experience.
  • If your child is not selected for Adv Rec, he/she will be referred to Instructional Rec Level I
  • No matter what, we have a place for your child to develop and learn how to play the game!

Placement Session Date, Time & Location


2023 Fall:  Saturday,  August 5th  at St. Michael's Catholic Church.

  • Boys and Girls born in 2018, 2017,16,15,14  = 8:30-9:30 am
  • Boys and Girls born in 2013, 12, 11, 10, 09 (08-05 Coed) = 9:30-10:30 am

2023 Spring

 Saturday  February 4th  at St. Michael's Catholic Church.


  • Boys and Girls born in 2018,16,15,14,13  = 2-3 pm
  • Boys and Girls born in 2012, 11, 10, 09, 08 (07-04 Coed) = 3-4 pm


Players must attend the Placement Session or have a prior arrangement made with our Coaching Staff to be observed/evaluated at one of our sessions in order to be selected for the Advanced Rec Level II Soccer Program.

Parents are asked to register for the Advanced Rec Program once teams are formed from the placement session. Info will be sent via email.

Training Sessions

2023 Tentative Fall Schedule:

  • Coaching assignments and training schedule released on Aug 7th.
  • One week night training session starting on Aug 14.
  • One weekend training session on Saturday or Sunday until 9/3. Games will start on 9/9.
  • After games start, one training session on weeknight only. 

2023 Tentative Spring Schedule:

  • Coaching assignments and training schedule released on Feb Feb 6th .
  • One week night training session starting on Feb 13th.
  • One weekend training session on Saturday or Sunday until 2/25. Tentative games on 3/4
  • After games start, one training session on weeknight only. 

More info:

  • Practice schedule will be announced once teams are formed. We will do our best to keep a very similar schedule from the Fall.
  • There may be some changes due to coaching conflicts and weather condition.
  •  Changes will be communicated via field condition update, email, WhatsApp updates. 



  • St. Michael's Church (map) (East Memphis/Midtown)

Soccer Ole’ uses the ITP approach (Integrated Training Program) in order to maximize the development of our players.


U6 & U8 divisions 

  • Soccer Olé in-house league at St. Michael's. 
  • There may be one or 2 games hosted by other organizations. 

U10 -U19 Divisions

  • Interleague games at Germantown and  St. Michael's.

Overall Info

  • Games on  Saturdays from 10-5 pm
  • Make up games on Fridays 5:30 and 6:30 pm and/or Sundays from 1:30-4:30 pm.
  • U6 (3v3), U8 (4v4), and U10 (6v6 or 7v7), U12 (7v7 or 8v8), U15 (7v7), U19 Coed (8v8)
  •  7-8 games per season
  • Friendly scrimmages vs. other advanced rec programs and academies may also be scheduled.
  • Soccer Ole’ teams will play in our in-house and vs. other local area programs and different age groups.
  • Please remember that Saturday “games” are considered training sessions in which coaches will coach/teach/instruct in a scrimmage situation.
  • Please be familiar with your AGE GROUP RULES.
  • Coaches will have the freedom to stop once every half for 30 sec to make some adjustments and coaching points.
  • Scores and standings  will not be kept. There will not be any league champion.
  • Players may  double roster for the same age group or older.

Adv Rec league should be challenging, but instructional at the same time.

Soccer Olé Refund Policy

1-Registration/program fees are non- refundable.

2- Partial fee payment may be refundable, with the following exceptions:

a) Player is diagnosed with a medical disability and is unable to play.

b) Player suffers an injury which prevents he/she from playing.

Note: The above exceptions must be certified by a doctor.

*Soccer Ole’ may pro-rate the refund based on the timing of the request and any fixed costs.

Once uniforms are issued to players, uniforms fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.

For more info: Soccer Olé

For more info: Soccer Olé

Phone: 901- 505 1477